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Lighter Leash
Lighter Leash

Lighter Leash

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(3) Lighter Leashes

  • Retractable
  • Built in Belt Clip
  • Holds Bic Lighters and Many Disposables
  • Come In Assorted Colors: Black - Blue - Red 
  • (3) Three With Each Order

These come in handy for times when fishing out a lighter from your pocket may not be ideal, such as when working on the car, fixing a pipe, painting, fishing, etc. By keeping one of these on hand, you'll make these tasks much easier. Plus, since it's attached to you, it's more difficult for anyone to steal your lighter, especially those sneaky office workers. Whatever your purpose, these make for fantastic giveaways to those who can never seem to find their lighter. Feel free to purchase as many as you need - you'll receive random colors with each purchase.